Business Program

Business Program

The Business Program assists owners in managing employees and departments. KRO advises leadership on optimizing performance to increase business value and instil pride of ownership. In this program, we use your Discovery Program profile to increase the value of your business by engaging employees and management to drive better performance.

Plan of work

The Business Program covers six successive months. We participate in management meetings and assist with department meetings. This provides the framework for linking departments and employees to Starter Session goals and Discovery Program. This alignment improves business performance and strengthens culture.


After this six-month program, your business will have the foundation to continue building the business and brand. This program brings the business together under one management philosophy to optimize performance. It standardizes how your business competes, giving you greater control over brand, culture, and financial results.

KRO works with you to:

  • organize monthly management meetings
  • assist in organizing monthly department meetings
  • advise on strategic HR and operational issues i.e. Development program, Compensation
  • structure the business for accountability
  • secure roles and responsibilities
  • support owners and management with on-demand coaching


  • Starter Session
  • Discovery Program

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