Discovery Program

Profiling Your Company

The Discovery Program profiles your key stakeholders and business. We want to know how the business operates and measures success before starting. This session analyzes your current success formula, and blueprints it for management and employees to replicate.

Plan of Work

The Discovery Program is broken into three steps. We benchmark financial values and assist you in describing your brand and team values.

Step 1

Step 1 is an introductory step and is designed to meet key personnel, review your business plan, and benchmark financials. In this step, we will:

  • Introduce KRO, owners, key employees and Starter Session goals
  • Benchmark your financial statements and budget

Step 2

In Step 2, we describe your unique team values. Knowing how you compete unifies, reduces conflict, and improves business performance. It impacts how you manage, who you hire, and how you drive bottom-line results. It describes the team values that control the actions and attitudes of your employees.

Step 3

Step 3 identifies your brand values that oversee experiences the business is expected to deliver. These are the values that lead to operational excellence and are essential for sustaining your business over successive changes in leadership.


After these 3 Steps have been completed, your business will have its key benchmarks, allowing you to tackle your Starter Session goals. This clarity assists in making decisions more confidently moving forward.

Profiling your business gives you your unique business recipe and, like all good recipes, is passed on from generation to generation. Protecting and propagating your recipe celebrates legacy and avoids the Entitlement Trap™.

KRO works with you to:

  • Benchmark Financial
  • Document Brand and Team values
  • Recommend options for your Succession Plan


  • Financial statements
  • Business plan – budget

Now that you have completed the Starter Session and Discovery Program, you can advance to the next Program. KRO offers three customized Programs to ensure that you get the maximum benefits to suit your needs.

Choose which one is right for you:

Leadership Program

Business Program

Family Program

To continue with tomorrow’s success, you need a plan for today!

What’s Yours?