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I’m passionate about building great teams.

This started 40 years ago when I moved from Montreal to Toronto. I watched my friends win provincial championship in both hockey and fast-pitch. I eventually joined them playing hockey and high school rugby. 1981 was a memorable year. A few of the guys were crowned provincial champions in hockey, fast-pitch and rugby. I always wondered…why them? Why us? Winning seemed to follow us and unpacking has been my “why” in life.

My sport was rugby. I excelled at it. The spring after high school graduation, I approached my old high school rugby coach and asked if he could use an assistant. I coached the seniors program for seven years going to Ontario’s provincial championship (OFSAA) 6 times. In year-five we won, year-six came second, and year-seven won again. In my final two years, I also coached a women’s rugby program to two provincial championships. In my final year, I coached the women’s provincial team.

The momentum continued in my family business. We were a local sales and service business which grew into an international manufacturer of high speed digital printing equipment.

My family business and coaching gave me my Petri dish for experimenting and exploring team building, while my need to explain success guided my research.

After my father’s retirement, it gave me the opportunity to follow my passion and share with others the many lessons I’ve learned and innovations I discovered. These experiences culminated in the development of my 4-step process for building great teams. My blueprint for success became Succession Planning.

Distilled down, the 4-steps translates into:

  1. Know what you value.
  2. Value what you know.
  3. Pass it on!
  4. Increase business value.

I welcome conversations and sharing.


Jeff Kropman


To continue with tomorrow’s success, you need a plan for today!

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