Leader Program

Leader Program

The Leader Program assists you in managing your direct reports. KRO advises on how to effectively delegate, monitor, and hold your management team to account. In this program, we use your Discovery Program profile as our accountability tool. Done right, department silos are removed, better performance is achieved, and business value increases.

Plan of work

The Leader Program covers six successive months. KRO participates in management meetings. This provides the framework for linking managers to the Starter Session goals and Discovery Program. This alignment strengthens teamwork and improves department performance.


After this six-month program, you and your management team will have the confidence and knowledge to more effectively manage as a team. This program brings management together focused on goals, successes and challenges. It aligns decision making holding management to account for their department results.  
KRO works with you to:

  • organize monthly management meetings
  • assist in identifying challenges and successes
  • simplify financial data
  • advise on operational and HR issues
  • implement management accountabilities
  • support you with on-demand coaching


  • Starter Session
  • Discovery Program

When you’re at the lower levels in the organization, you need to win and be right. But as you move up, you need to let other people win and be right, and become a manager and delegate responsibility.

Marshall Goldsmith

To continue with tomorrow’s success, you need a plan for today!

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