About KRO

KRO – Vision

KRO’s vision is to create a healthy business ecosystem (employees, customers, vendors, competitors, community and shareholders) with Competitive Wellness™.

KRO – Mission

KRO pursues business excellence by advising owners on organizing, developing and leading their business to excel without compromising the physical and mental wellbeing of their employees. We believe in sustaining business and its way of life with a holistic approach to management. Excellence, we believe, comes from optimizing talent for today’s business needs while remaining focused on tomorrow’s success.

KRO – Our value   

KRO believes that successful employees make a successful business. If a business effectively manages the potential of its talent – owners, employees, customers, vendors, competitors, community and shareholders will all benefit and thrive. Employee success is not a zero-sum game but rather an investment with a payback in profitability and sustainability.

Valuable employees increase business value and a valuable business increases the value of its employees. Success has a cycle.

KRO offers a coaching service that provides honest and trusted feedback on business and employee performance. We advise owners, executives, and managers – the business – on maximizing their leadership skill to increase business value. KRO is committed to building great businesses that are healthy, productive and competitive.

We value trust and respect:

  • Talent and its potential earns trust and respect
  • Listening and paraphrasing fosters trust and respect
  • Inclusion and collaboration encourages trust and respect
  • Winning and losing tests trust and respect
  • Reward and reprimand affirms trust and respect
  • Consistency and integrity elevates trust and respect
  • Trust bonds talent while respect centers great teams