Family Program

Family Program

The Family Program supports you with implementing your Discovery Program profile. KRO offers unbiased third-party facilitation holding family members, management and employees to account. We arbitrate the shared values of your business to bring harmony to your business. This program prepares your family in managing the complexity of a family business.

Plan of Work

The Family Program consists of six successive monthly meetings used for planting the seed of success and uniting your family and management. KRO uses its huddle to advocate good communication, quality systems design, and impactful talent management.

This service advises family members to fight a good fight, be productive, and steward their business.


After this six-month program, your family will have the requisite knowledge to communicate better. This program instills a shared and unified value system, so the family business continues accumulating and protecting the wealth that it wants.

The Family Program helps your family business transition to a “family that is in business”. KRO works with your family to ensure that the business continues producing and avoids the Entitlement Trap™.

KRO works with you to:

  • facilitate monthly shareholder meetings
  • facilitate monthly management meetings
  • outline development plan
  • advise on strategic HR and operational issues i.e. Development program, Compensation
  • structure the business for accountability
  • secure roles and responsibilities
  • support your family members with on-demand coaching


  • Starter Session
  • Success Formula Program

The point in history at which we stand is full of promise and danger. The world will either move forward toward unity and widely shared prosperity – or it will move apart.

Franklin Roosevelt

To continue with tomorrow’s success, you need a plan for today!

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