Step 4 – Succession Planning

Grow Success

Unsure about your next step? The future is a world created from your current successes

Succession planning prepares your business for a change in leadership. It builds resiliency by passing your SUCCESS FORMULA onto the next gen. The goal of succession planning is for your business to continue accumulating value and protecting its way of life after a change in leadership.

Succession planning is the cornerstone for a healthy business. It stewards your SUCCESS FORMULA giving vision, mission, strategic planning, business planning, talent management and compensation its footing.

KRO works with you in defining, managing and improving business performance so your business remains competitive today and tomorrow. We pride our self on your success.

Success Process:

  • Pursuit of excellence – Purpose, Meaning and Legacy
  • Wealth building – Accumulating and protecting what you value
  • Succession planning Toolkit
  • Business Wellness – Tracking financial analytics + HR analytics

Plan-of-work – Succession Planning:

  • Define, monitor, review and act on the values that matter to the business
  • Describe your Success Formula – Define success
  • Implement The Huddle – Manage success
  • Structure your business for Competitive Wellness™ – Optimize success
  • Oversee business management with Succession Planning – Grow success
  • Understand the Entitlement Trap™ – Safeguard success

Succession Planning

Entitlement Trap™

Safeguard Success

Succession Planning

Entitlement Trap™

Safeguard Success

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.


To continue with tomorrow’s success, you need a plan for today!

What’s Yours?